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Herd & Flock Health

Herd/Flock health management and preventive medicine programs are designed to minimize potential adverse effects of predictable problems and to protect against unexpected ones. The goal of a herd health program is to improve the herd's or flock's productivity through general husbandry, nutritional management, parasite control, vaccination, and environmental management.  This is a multi-faceted approach, encompassing all areas that impact the health of your herd. 

Herd health management programs must be designed to fit an individual herd and vary according to herd size, its purpose, and the owner's production goals. Herd health management programs can be divided into groups based on the life-stage and use of each animal.  Whether you only have a small number of animals or a full scale production operation, you can benefit from a complete herd/flock health program.  Many losses and expenses incurred throughout the year are preventable with minor adjustments to your current practices.  Additionally, an effective herd/flock health program will increase production and positively impact your bottom line.

We offer comprehensive Wellness Care and Emergency Care for a variety of herd and flock animals.  These would include Camelids (llamas, alpacas, old world camels), Large and Small Ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats), back yard poultry and the occasional pet pig!

Wellness Exams- includes such items as routine hoof care, annual and semi-annual preventative vaccinations, administration and selection of de-worming products, essential vitamin and mineral evaluation and supplementation if needed (Vitamin A, D, and E and Selenium to name of few). We recommend determination of body scores annually as this is a major reflector of the overall health of the herd or flock.  Wellness exams also include testing and evaluation for Certificates of Veterinary Inspection ( Health Certificates- both US and International).  We provide testing for OPP in sheep and CAE in goats.  Along with testing for Johne's Disease, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and Blue tongue virus in show and or lactating animals.

Emergency/Sickness Visits- includes such situations as administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for choke, heat stroke, and failure of passive transfer, just to name a few.

Field Surgery- includes routine surgical castrations, fighting teeth trimming, growth removal, dystocia management, and microchip insertion.